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Share your QR Code


QR codes direct a mobile device to a website’s landing page from physical surfaces such as product tags, business cards, printed promotional materials, but also from other web apps profiles, like Twitch, Instagram. The codes get scanned using a camera.

QR codes have their limitations when it comes to promotions. They have to be scanned by a device, so start by considering where you should place your QR code, where your audience will not only observe it but will also have an opportunity to associate with it. The key to creating a successful QR code marketing campaign is to implement a strategy based on location.

Below are the creative ways of how businesses, retails, non-profits and individuals can use QR codes to link between their online and offline marketing efforts.

  • A consultant’s business card containing a QR code that links to his website landing page with offered services, client testimonials, or a Vising Card to download contact information on devices.
  • A local business can display a QR code on their entry doors with a link to their website, Google Places page along with customer reviews and special offer coupons.
  • A retail store can display a QR Code next to their in-store products to view product demonstrations, prices, and reviews.
  • An advertisement for a nonprofit organization can include a QR code linking to a volunteer, support, and donation page.
  • A restaurant, a bar can include a QR code on a takeout menu, which is linked to the restaurant website for online reservations, orders, menu, and locations.
  • A campaign sign for an influencer can include a QR code linked to his web page including links to his audio message along with the influencer’s bio, campaign platform, and opportunities to volunteer or contribute.
  • A realtor can place a QR Code on For Sale sign in front of his residential property, providing some additional home specifications, interior photos, or Google Maps location for reference.

You can offer some incentive for them to scan the QR code by revealing the special offer like, Scan for upcoming recipes, a behind-the-scenes video, support the cause, or a discount coupon at your business.

Just remember, QR codes aren’t a straightforward marketing campaign. They're a part of a digital marketing strategy that shifts the customers down the funnel from the physical to the digital world… from the real world to your website. So, you need to be creative enough to sell the idea of scanning your QR code!