How to Successfully Share Your QR Code

Until you share your QR code, nobody will be able to find your JoyQR bio or any of the QR code links you have created. To easiest way to share your QR code is by exporting or downloading it as a PNG or SVG image. Click here to learn how to download your QR Code

Once you have done that, then you can share your QR code in many ways. Here are some of the possible ways to share your QR code:

Print Media

You can save your download and add it to print media, or even print it on its own. This is great for trade shows, restaurant menus, brochures, and more because it makes it very easy for prospects to scan your QR code and end up exactly where you want them to go.

While people can’t click a link in-person, you can add any link to your QR code, and they can instantly visit the link after scanning.

Digital Use

You can share your QR codes on your online profiles, websites, shops, content, and more. If you want to direct people to a sale, your link in bio, time-sensitive content, or anything else, generating a custom QR code is an easy way to seamlessly integrate an on-brand link into your digital marketing campaigns.

Email and Social Media Sharing

It is easy to add your JoyQR bio code or any other generated QR code to newsletters, sales emails, social media posts, and more. This makes it easier to divert traffic to the places you want them to go while also enhancing your brand using the right colors, logo, shapes, and more.

Using the analytics tools, you will also be able to see how successful your email and social media marketing campaigns are by seeing how many views you get through your QR code.

Grow Your Brand

Sharing your QR code helps you develop awareness, drive traffic, and expand your outreach, thereby growing your brand. With unlimited links in bio and the option of creating unique QR codes for separate landing pages, websites, content, and more, you have an all-in-one marketing tool on your side.

Click here to get started with JoyQR to grow your brand today.

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