Use Video Links to Increase your Engagement

As per 74% of marketers, video marketing is a bomb in generating leads. And this tends to be more effective than blog posts. And with that in mind, here at JoyQR, we put our best minds together and build a new Link Type that we believe will be a tipping point.

Using video in your business will be the holy grail for every business person. If this marketing concept is embraced, it can be a life-changer. But there's much more to publishing a video than it looks. First, you'll have to put in a lot of work. Video quality is critical and so must be engaging. In essence, the content should be pretty enticing to press and play. And fascinating enough to get your audience hooked.

And with all these, you'll have the pillars of building a true and lasting relationship with your viewers and the overall community. Once this is in order, then you'll easily win your customer's heart. You become reliable and authentic when you deliver great content. So, ensure to provide informative and exciting content to make your customers always wait for your new content with bated breath. And this will see you converting super-quick.

If you fail to fulfill this, you will lose your customers, who are your core business. Do you want to track how many Average clicks you're getting in your video campaigns? You can do this by going to your JoyQR profile and then click Link Analytics.

Now, shall we dig right into basics?

What is Average Video Engagement?

Generally, this is a way of measuring the overall time your audience spends watching your content. By calculating the overall number of plays per video, you multiply it by the time of the video; the total will give you the total people's engagement that watched the video. And to measure the average engagement, you take the actual hours of video watched and divide that with the first number calculated.

How to use Video Links on JoyQR?

Video Links are undoubtedly a big deal. It means you can embed YouTube videos in your JoyQR with the new Video Link. And guess what, as soon as the visitors click the Video Link, the video automatically starts playing from the link naturally. So, your visitors don't have to steer away from your JoyQR. That's because it's built to incorporate with your JoyQR.

As your visitors opt not to play the full-screen video, they can still view other link options which may promote conversions. It means you can have as many Video Links on your JoyQR as possible, which enables your audience to locate the content they relate to quickly.

How to Improve Your Video Engagement?

So, creating a high-quality video can be a piece of work! But do you know how you can drive your video engagement? If you're a video marketer, it's crucial first to get some of the basics if you want to succeed: Use the right proportion, like the length of the video, quality and the format.

Focus on Quality of Video:

While creating an engaging video is essential in your video development, but audio and video quality are also crucial. Put yourself into your customer's shoes and ask yourself what would wow you in a video? Then apply it.

Apart from the mentioned factors, one more important thing to consider is load time. You might have quality and great content, but your visitors might never find out if your video takes a snail pace speed to open. What happens is something known as a 'high bounce rate.' People don't have the patience of waiting for your content to open while they have many other options.

Invoke Viewers Emotions:

One of the ways to increase video viewership is to make an educational video. However, you'll need more than this to get the bigwig. Evoking emotions is one of the things that draws the audience to a video. People can relate to life lessons, family or community values, and morals. And this helps to feel a particular emotion. Mere facts and data are boring, and most people tend to ignore them. Show them how these may impact their life and let them feel it—doing this will give you a better and higher engagement.

Give a touch of Annotations, Visual Cues, and Call to Actions:

A striking CTA encourages viewers to take action like downloading software or subscribe to your newsletter or start following you on your social handles. CTAs and annotations tell your audience what you need them to do—and how. That's why it's crucial to have these placed in the entire video. Most people use these at the start or the end to get subscribers and leads, but it shouldn't be just that.

Keep it Short:

Keeping your video short is the best way to go. Like, creating a two-minute video is just perfect and in this two-minute, you can ensure to educate the audience and give an impactful call-to-action such as visit our website or contact us. Also, include 3-4 tips that your audience will find beneficial, as you summarize all these with a strong CTA.

Include Subtitles:

Subtitles are another incredible consideration because they increase video engagement. About 85% of Viewers prefer to browse their feeds while their mobile is on silent mode. It means you can still get their attention.

Promote your video:

You should never get tired of promoting your video. The more effort you put, the better chance you get in your engagement. You can boost engagement and promote your videos on social media, and you can also include them in your newsletter. In addition, some major search engines like Google and social media algorithms help push higher engagement videos to several users' feeds. You can also place ads or place a Video Link above your JoyQR profile; it's a great approach to drive visitors to some of your recent videos.

You may boost video engagement by:

  • Including a video on your social media page or homepage
  • If you use Twitter for advertisement, you can pin a tweet with the video on the top of your profile.
  • Using a share button as you request your team to share your video to all their favorite social channels
  • Use email signatures to send videos to your team members.
  • When you use the video in some of the paid social media ads, you earn some bonus points. That is if you use retargeting to customize your ads to qualified or low-channel leads.
  • Know the balance of using Hashtags because you can easily acquire new followers. It's good to understand when and where you should use them.
  • Find your highest value content and use it to connect and engage your audience. You can use at least five of your most-watched videos and place them in your JoyQR Profile
  • Videographers, advertising creatives, designers, scriptwriters, sound techs, and more can– showcase the campaign work they incorporate with brands.
  • Sending a teaser video that lasts for only 10 sec to make a new announcement will leave your audience yearning for more.
  • It's essential to use a welcome video for your JoyQR. It gives your audience an idea of what they will expect and also add an outstanding elevator pitch!
Review your Video analytics:

Checking the trend of your current video engagement is a great way to track your video stats. It helps to know if your average video engagement is good or needs some improvement. After you find the figures of this current engagement, then use that as a benchmark- then follow the tips above to increase your engagement.

It's an advantage if you have a JoyQR account because it helps to review your video analytics. And this also shows when users disconnect or engage with your content. However, it's important to note that the engagement data points vary from platform to platform. For example, the audience engagement rates and conversions of Instagram will have different conversions compared to other platforms. So, ensure to review these metrics to leverage your videos in the best way possible to suit your preferred media.

In Conclusion:

So, we've enriched you with a comprehensive guide to using Video Links. Applying all the tips given will be a game-changer to your business. So, Where should you start? Begin with the basics, and then proceed with the rest. Reviewing your data will let you know which works best for you, your audience, and the finest platforms to target. Now, can we get some drumrolls for the Video Links…

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