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With advanced features and top-notch security, JoyQR outperforms Beacons.ai in providing a seamless and efficient QR code solution. Choose JoyQR for a premium and hassle-free QR code management experience.

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Pay much less for much more

Get more features and tools for less with JoyQR. For a fraction of the cost, enjoy a comprehensive suite of tools and features to manage your QR codes with ease. Upgrade to JoyQR for a cost-effective and feature-packed QR code management solution.

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Customized BioQR Tag

Pre-designed Bio Pages


Insights Overview

Custom Info Banner

Stats Trend

SEO Settings

Link Embeds

QR Codes Integration

Paid Plan

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Customized BioQR Tag

Pre-designed Bio Pages

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Endless link options for both platforms

Both JoyQR and Beacons.ai offer endless link options for your QR codes. With both platforms, you can add links to your website, social media accounts, portfolios, and more. Upgrade to JoyQR or Beacons.ai and start creating seamless and efficient QR codes today.

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Unlimited Links

Image Grids


Link Animations

Link Scheduling

Link Leaping/Redirects

More QR Options

Link Schedule

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Comprehensive customizability

JoyQR and Beacons.ai both offer comprehensive customization options for your bio-page. With both platforms, you can customize your Bio Page with your logo, brand colors, and custom designs. Upgrade to JoyQR and also make QR codes truly yours with our powerful customization options.

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Free Templates

Contact Page

Fonts and Colors



Button Customizability

Analytics Features Comparison

Metrics, Heatmaps and Much More

Our bio pages come equipped with real-time metrics, heatmaps, and much more to give you a deeper understanding of your audience and their interactions with your QR codes. Upgrade to JoyQR for a truly data-driven experience.

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Custom Reports

Extended QR Analytics

Performance Reports

Device-based Analytics

Location-based Analytics

Individual Link Analytics

Lifetime Data Longevity

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