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Are you in the music industry, and you're finding it challenging to promote your music online? First, the confusion comes on which platforms are worth considering.

So, how do you go about it? Do you go promoting your music on every channel that you come across? Oops! You'll end up spreading yourself too thin, resulting in burnout, which you don't want to happen. Right? In addition, you'll end up frustrated as your efforts didn't amount to anything substantial. Since it can be such an emotional endeavor, you should consider a music marketing strategy that will give you peace of mind.

For instance, you can use JoyQR as your bio link. And by using this, most people can quickly find you on any platform with just a click. That means you can connect with your audience better utilizing a suite of powerful bio link tools. Sounds interesting? Let's delve into this below:

Link your Top Contact Links

Listen up! If you have multiple links, you can bundle and share them on a single webpage with JoyQR. Just add this visual webpage to all your social media bio links such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more! Then include your brand pages, affiliate links, YouTube videos, articles, images, music tracks, and others! And now, your followers can easily find and reach you on your social channels using some of the notable Social Buttons at the top of your page.


Customize to Fit your Brand or Message

To make your social bio link more appealing, you can choose your desired fonts, design themes, and colors. Also, you can add header images, button text, thumbnails, and so much more. All these will make your social bio link more attractive for your listeners. And now your Insta bio link will no longer look dull.


Link all your favorite streams

You don't have to worry if your presence goes across multiple social media channels. Why? Because you can create all the social bio links you need while customizing them according to your networks. What's more, you can link your listeners to your page, which you can do on all the top streaming services. And all this is possible by using a unique link on each platform. Furthermore, we automatically include the ideal preset icons for your links to ensure the visual navigation is fast and easy for most channels.


Showcase your Music Albums

Pitching music is anything but least fun for career-minded musicians. But with JoyQR, it gets more accessible through Link Icons using custom thumbnails to create different albums. And this not only makes your JoyQR profile stand out but also attracts your followers to the playlist.


Embed Your Music

Some popular streaming services that most fans use to listen to their favorite records include YouTube and Spotify. So, you must ensure to use these platforms for your music. With JoyQR you can Embed songs, videos, and playlists right on your page to showcase your best or most recent content. We automatically detect your link type and display it articulately on the right player. And this applies to a video, album, playlist, or your latest single. Being a part of the music industry, you very well know how remarkable it can be if one of your songs features on a playlist. It can be a crunch point for your music career.


Scheduled Music Release

You can schedule when your links will show up at your preferred timezones, which you can enable or disable using JoyQR. What a brilliant way to hype the merch drops, new music releases, and ticket sales.


Track with Analytics

Another great thing with JoyQR is tracking your post clicks, bio page views, button clicks, and click-through rate. And these insights help you adjust your page layout. It also enables you to make some strategic decisions based on which platform most people are visiting. It's prudent to keep your exciting links up on your JoyQR page as you delete the less popular ones. Also, Heat Maps can be a game-changer for your analytics. Not only can you view your local audience, but you can also access international audiences from different countries/regions whenever they click/view your JoyQR profile. Heat maps enable you to anticipate and understand complex data at a glance.


Integrating Email and SMS Signups

Email and SMS marketing is a great way for you to reach your music fans and deliver targeted campaigns to them. JoyQR wants to encourage this form of engagement as much as possible so we have created an Email Signup and SMS Signup link field for you to do just that! And these help you to capture your visitor's email addresses and phone numbers with a simple one-field signup form. Your visitor's data get stored on your Mailchimp account, and it's a quick process that takes just two clicks.


Final Thoughts

Since the pandemic hit, many businesses and careers got affected severely. And one of the most hit are musicians. But with the internet, it's a tipping point that musician needs to adapt to help them survive the tough times. Artists must therefore utilize the many opportunities that exist online for their music promotion. Like using bio links, musicians can reach out new listeners and grow their audiences as they prepare for the live show return.

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