Impact of QR Codes on Customer Satisfaction

Invented in 1994 by Masahiro Hara – is the brain behind QR Codes. QR Codes took a slew of time (two decades) to gain popularity. But thanks to the mobile phone tech that made effective use of QR codes. And the significant number of users has also contributed to this. According to BankMyCell, as of June 2021, there is 48.33 percent of smartphone users globally.

It's this accessibility that revealed the use of QR codes as a marketing trend. People have realized it's a lot easier to effortlessly use these codes to access the websites and make quick payments. But how does that work?

Well, your smartphone can scan the black squares and dots, translating the information that makes it possible for humans to access and process information and make payments.  And QR codes have proved to be one of the most effective tools for businesses. If you are in business, these can help you understand your customer better. For example, you will know what their preferences are and how they drive engagement. In essence, brands need to embrace the QR codes to enhance their customer satisfaction and for safer customer engagement:

Importance of Customer Satisfaction

If you give excellent service to your customer, that is something he's likely to share with some of his friends. But if they get some ill-treatment, that will spread to the world. Thus, it's paramount to prioritize customer satisfaction. And how do you do this? First, by understanding their needs and engaging them constantly on social media platforms. Well, in this era where customers have a multitude of options to choose from, implementing this can be challenging. But you must beat the odds and emphasize on great customer experience because:

  • It's 5-25 times less costly to maintain your old customers instead of acquiring new ones.  
  • A happy customer is likely to give some positive reviews and recommendations to your brand. As a result, it raises your brand awareness and reputation. 
  • Satisfied customers can help your brand stand out from this crowded marketplace.
  • Customer satisfaction is what leads to long-term business growth.
  • Satisfied customers also mean your employees are happy to serve them, and they are comfortable and confident in their work.

Benefits of Using QR Codes for Customer Engagement

The use of QR codes had deteriorated in the last years, but the pandemic wave revived them. Since there is a need for touch-free services from 2020 - contactless payments, contactless deliveries, contactless pickups, many more have become the norm. That's how QR codes resurged, solving the contact problem and encouraging safety to businesses and customers.

And apart from preventing direct contact with individuals or potentially contaminated surfaces, what are other benefits do the QR codes provide? Let's apprise you on why these have become quite successful:

Helps in connecting online and offline media

Businesses can easily use QR codes to offline media: Billboards, business cards, posters, signs, flyers, and brochures. Not only are they the quickest CTA, but they also diminish the risk-error by end-users. In addition, it's easier for customers to respond to your call-to-action offer or request by scanning the specific code.  

Collecting feedback

When companies link the QR codes to feedback surveys, this helps to track your customer's sentiments. And you can easily take action and solve their problems. For example, you quickly get to know when the stock needs replenishment and understand your customer's buying behavior and patterns.

Streamline your restaurant experience

QR code continues to work for your business even when you’re not in operation. A QR code on the window can provide valuable information to your customers without dropping flyers or doing any prints. The code can:

  • Provide information for your business opening that enables your customer to come at the right time. It helps to drive your future footfall.
  • Display digital menus for easy selection and ordering
  • Allow your business to change menus based on season or availability

Discounts and Coupon Codes

As most customers love discounts, there is a study that shows, 93% of shoppers use a coupon code or discount vouchers in a year. And this can be challenging while doing in-store shopping. But, the discount process becomes smooth when you're using the QR codes. So, it would be better to provide your customers QR code coupon discounts. And this becomes such a breeze as the user only needs to scan the code via their smartphone to redeem the coupon.

Enable Social Media Engagement

Social media platforms are the craze and one of the most practical marketing tools.And JoyQR makes it even better for you. It enables the production of QR Codes, which redirect users to your Facebook page which leads them to the 'Like' button. As a result, you can plan discounts, run promotional ads, and allow users to retweet. In addition, this can help in sharing content between the customers and visitors on the social media pages.

Share Product Information

Before customers purchase any product, they are very conscious of the products they use. So, it's crucial to know the ingredients used in each product and their impact on the user and the environment. But, unfortunately, that's impossible to provide all this info on a small product package.

QR codes are the solution to this impediment since they require a tiny space on the product packaging. Then you just need to create this and link the code to one of your pages to provide detailed product information.

Set Up call to action

With the JoyQR codes, you can easily link your stories about products. And everything you want to share with your customers, such as tweets, audio commentaries, how-to videos, website landing pages, and trailers. In addition, adding calls to action to these codes can create a significant impact. Such examples include 'Email us' and 'Call us.' Using the JoyQR codes can be pretty effective as the end-users can quickly scan the code and make that call or email automatically.

Use it on Business Cards.

While the examples mentioned above have been primarily helpful for marketing and customer service teams, but the sales teams can use JoyQR codes to their advantage too. It's a very straightforward procedure where you only add JoyQR codes to your business cards. When your customers scan the codes, the contact details of sales reps are automatically stored on their phone. Even as this makes your business card stand out, it's also convenient as it saves your customer's time of embedding all your information manually. And it's handier for those working in a B2B environment, primarily if your customers use several points of contact with your business.

Helps in Analysis

JoyQR eliminates the error factor as it accurately determines the number of sales done through QR codes. Who would have thought marketers could effectively measure offline media platforms like billboards and prints? Furthermore, when you use the QR code, it becomes easy to estimate the sale revenue using the number of views and clicks.

Wrap Up

Excellent user experience is the prime step for your customer satisfaction. And we saw how implementing QR codes in your marketing can help you achieve this. If you're in business, especially B2B, JoyQR codes will definitely make a significant impact. Plus, don't forget to include an effective customer service strategy that can help to engage your customers better, and hence providing a remarkable experience.

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