How to Use QR Codes for Real Estate

Whether you are just starting out in your real estate business, or looking to elevate your current real estate marketing efforts, a QR code may be just what you need.

QR codes in the real estate market are the perfect substitute for outdated flyers, signs, and business cards.

Real estate agents across the globe are turning towards digital marketing to help further their business, and QR codes are what they are leaning on. QR codes have the potential to be a powerful tool to drive quality customer engagement, share homes available on the market, and promote business.

Ready to take your real estate business to the next level? Check out these creative ways to use customized QR codes from JoyQR:

1 .Showcase Properties

If you have a new listing available, you can dedicate a specific QR code to showcase the various characteristics that the listing offers with one scan! If you have various listings available, you can use one QR code to showcase the various listings all in one place.

You can attach your unique QR code with the home that is available to your website, sales signage, email marketing efforts, or paper fliers for your audience to scan. Once they scan, they will be brought to a specified page that highlights every detail of the home you have listed.

It’s just that easy!

2. Business Cards

The days of paper business cards are long behind us. With a customized QR code, you have the ability to increase your network with a single scan. Your clients can save your contact information to their phone, without the need to search your information manually.

A specific landing page highlighting your business and contact information for your audience to access with a single scan is easier than marketing your information multiple times on social media.

3 .Promote Your Business

With JoyQR’s customizable possibilities, you have the ability to curate a landing page that showcases your business’ brochure, magazine features, and more. With this, you will be able to connect with your clients on a more personal level by showcasing information about your business.

From your recent listings, to information about you and contact information, your unique QR code will hold all of the necessary information to further connect your audience to your business with a single scan.

4. Scannable Open Houses

Do you have an open house coming up and want to expand your demographic of potentially interested clients? Let a QR code help!

All a potential buyer has to do is scan the QR Code on the sign, poster, flyer or billboard and fill in the form to go see the house they are interested in.

You can also attach the open house QR code to your email newsletter efforts, and essentially send homes to your client’s inboxes. They will be able to see when the open house is, its location, and more about the potential home before they agree to the tour.

The best part is? They can get a true sense of the home that is listed without leaving their own home to view it.

5. Virtual Tours

With one QR code, you have the ability to attach virtual tours of available properties to your client’s smartphones. Attach your QR Code to your website, and allow your clients to engage in a video tour that showcases all aspects of available listings.

They will be able to scan your QR code and view the home you have listed from the comfort of their home.

Elevate Your Digital Marketing Efforts with JoyQR

Let JoyQR elevate your real estate experience with customizable QR codes to connect you, with your clients.

Get started for free today, and experience the endless possibilities.

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