How to Customize Your Links with Functions

JoyQR offers unlimited links, but there is a lot more to do with them than put them in your bio. With a multitude of useful and fun features, you can customize each link, add flair, attract attention, and improve views, follows, sales, and more.

This article covers the tools you can use with your links in bio and how to use them.

Leap Link

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The farthest left icon on the “Customize Link” toolbar activates the leap link feature. Using this button, you set up all your links to bypass your specified links and go to a single location. This allows you to direct all traffic to a certain landing page for a promo, contest, content release, or other event.

Add Thumbnail

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The second icon from the right can be used to add a thumbnail to the link. This allows you to give a preview of the content, store, website, or other link to add intrigue, enhance branding, or attract customers.

Animate Link

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The star icon on the toolbar allows you to animate your link to make it stand out and dazzle your fans. With options to shake, wobble, and pop, and more likely to come in the future, you can add flair to your link in bio and use eye-catching visuals to prioritize the link above non-animated others.

Schedule Link

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Want to use your link in bio for time-sensitive content, flash sale, or limited time promo? Click the schedule link button that looks like a calendar. Then, select the dates that you want the link to be active within your bio.

Heat Map

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Use the heatmap feature to see exactly where your customers are viewing and clicking from. This is great for geographical sales and campaigns but can also help you target content and marketing efforts.

Image Grid

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The grid feature allows you to easily integrate Instagram grid photos into your specified links. Now, you can showcase your best images to attract more attention, display more products, and encourage more likes, clicks, and followers.

Link Analytics

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On the bottom right-hand portion of the link customization box, you will see analytics for that link. This can help you track the performance of every link you’ve added to your link in bio and see when changes improve traction or decrease views.

Embed Link

In the settings, you can disable embed, but with the embed feature, you can display YouTube videos, Spotify playlists, and more right in your JoyQR bio. Click here to learn more about embedding links in your profile.

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