How Streamers Can Use JoyQR to Monetize

Video streaming is a trend that many has discovered, and its pervasiveness is crazy. It all accumulates from the discovery of the marvels that social media can do. And this has made people formidably aware and given them a fundamental reason for sharing their life's experience and journey with the universe. It’s such a piece of cake, as everyone with internet access has one or two social media handles. 

Even the old has joined the craze of social media, especially on Facebook, where most of the communication has shifted to. It doesn't matter if it's the humdrum routine like shopping or something thrilling like skydiving. Every Joe or Jane feels entitled to become the next "Cedric the Entertainer," even if it's for a few minutes. And why not, if all it takes is a press of a button, and you get the attention of the world as you start streaming live on all the social media handles of your preference.  Some do this for pure fun, like trying to become the next Kardashians or escape from the mundane lifestyle. At the same time, those who are ambitious aim to win a vast audience and followers to make it a bona fide earnings stream—something like a day job.

Thanks to Social Live Streaming services (SLS), the Social Networking Services (SNSs), these users can broadcast their gigs in real-time. You can go live by using your mobile device or webcams. As the audience interacts with the streamer, SLSSs serve as synchronous social media. And to entice the audience, some of the platforms reward the participants with points, badges, and money. And you have to put some work to go from two viewers to thousand viewers. But we have some good news, we've added some recent features that will help you become a magnet streamer.  What does it take to grow your stream? Well, it's similar to developing a brand. First, you must have a great product, find your audience/customer and learn to retain them. And then start to convert and monetize. Assuming all this is in order and you have killer content that your audience loves and begins to stream, what's next?

Be Noticeable with Video Links

Now, it's time for yourself to be discoverable, which will be an uphill task and time-consuming. It would be great if you can get your future streaming audience to find you through any platform. Right? Guess what? JoyQR can be a great link to centralize this growth. All you have to do is to add JoyQR to all your bio drives. Instead of sending your audience to chase down your content, you'll bring everyone to the same place. It's such a breeze. 

Similarly, this shows your biggest fans all your platforms they can follow you. And this increases your content exposure. That means they can check your bio on more than one platform. And we've also introduced Video Links, which works like a charm. Now you insert your Youtube Videos to show your new viewers what they can expect from your content. It only takes a single click.

Reach out more with Email and SMS sign-ups

As you get into this journey of live video streaming, which could be a hobby/side gig/career, you gradually start to move in the right direction. Due to excitement, you might feel like switching on your camera any time of the day. But not until you soon realize that random streaming is not ideal without proper planning. It would be great to target a broader demographic. Neither is tight schedule streams, your answer. One charm of streaming has to be flexibility. And if you limit yourself to a specific time, that may hinder collaborations and your global audience.

But what about taking control of your communication with your audience? JoyQR's new Email & SMS signups enable you to build an encrypted database of your audience's contacts. You can use announcement messages using your tone. Schedule this and send it directly to your audience. You'll be simply taking control of your viewers without relying on the major platforms to give you the audience.

Take help from our Analytics

At first, you may fail before you reach perfection, which in essence, little things that you consistently do well. As you continue to grow, keep tweaking and improving your products and marketing. Sometimes, your audience's popularity can be a lightning-in-a-bottle, but numbers don't lie if you want to find an effective way to do this.

For example, you may want to know why sometimes your stream is super-high and other times is low. Our new Geo Analytics will enlighten you with that info. It tells you where your user traffic is coming from and at what time. And this gives you a hands-up of the best streaming time when you can crunch the numbers. 

Another great feature we recently introduced is the CSV Files to our analytics. And this will enable you to access straight-up technical help. That will help you track your daily growth over the months. It also allows you to measure your season, marketing, and other factors in your stream's popularity.

Monetize using live-streaming platforms

Many live-streaming platforms offer you a chance to make money while streaming. They allow viewers to send you some donations or tips. And if you get one gift from your hobby/side gig/ video streaming, that tells you, you're heading in the right direction.

Now, let's have a breakdown of the most popular platforms of live streaming:

Youtube: One of the most viral video streaming sources is YouTube. And its leading tipping service is known as Super Chat. And this is where viewers can use tips if they feel like pinning messages in your chat window. On YouTube, you'll also find Super Stickers, which are chat animations that a buyer can buy so you can get a cut of each purchase.

Twitch: You can cheer twitchers using Bits. And if you're an affiliate or a partner, you can get a cent for each Bit that viewers use. A viewer can write a message and use an emote.

Facebook: In FB, they have a tipping service that rolls around Stars. Virtual suitable viewers can buy the Star and send this to you. That should give you a cent per Star. But for you to enable this, you have to be a part of Facebook's Level Up program. Facebook also participates in a charitable fundraising donations for American residents.

Use third-party platforms to Monetize

Maybe streaming your revenue through the streaming platform might not be your thing. But with JoyQR, you can create a Custom Banner that will support your cause as you add a link to donate. Another thing that might be distressing is what happens if you lose your status? You might be willing to separate some of your content. Or need to handle several platforms simultaneously.

For whatever reason you need a third-party platform, to process subscriptions and even donations. The most popular options include:

Streamlabs for one-time donations: This incorporates Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Mixer, Facebook, and Picarto. And it has six different payment options.

Patreon for regular donations/subscriptions: One unique feature that sets this apart is allowing patrons to set monthly pledges. Most platforms are gradually adopting this subscription system.

GoFundMe or Kickstarter for project-based funding: For those looking for funding, this is your best shot. Whether it's a project you'd like to finish, or fundraising, setting up the pages on these websites will be a breeze as you use your live streams to promote your project.

Who would have thought about how much the internet could change our lives? Marketing, communication, monetization, the list of opportunities is immeasurable. Remember when blogging was the rage sometimes back?


Now the new vibe is live streaming. If you've not tried this intriguing frontier, Boy, you're missing out on great opportunities out there. And also you can get some help from JoyQR with their multi-linking tool. It's just perfect to have several streaming platforms altogether. Right? But don't forget your content should be the king. Then build your audience, and keep them entertained. In this industry, your audience is unequivocally your biggest asset. 

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