How Small Businesses can use QR Codes

Ever since coronavirus threw a curveball on us, small businesses got hit the hardest. But those who had gone digital will make a high cut for themselves when this is over. If you're in a small business providing in-person services, we'll show you how QR codes can save your business as you transit to a digital platform. And,it doesn't you cost an arm and a leg to get into this digital craze.

These black prints may look insignificant, but when appropriately synchronized, along with your marketing efforts, they can transform your organization from being undistinguished to a booming business. Most brands that embraced their use understand the significance of QR codes.

How QR Codes can be used by Small Businesses

Big and small businesses have a prerogative duty of ensuring contactless interactions as a safety measure of COVID-19. QR code is one of the best way to limit direct customer contact in day-to-day operations.

In essence, QR codes are addressing this concern. And not only are they an excellent marketing tool, but they also drive a message that shows your customer you’re exercising safety measures for them. So, it's prudent to incorporate touch-free interactions like the use of QR codes and others. 

Below are some of the ways how small businesses have used QR codes to enhance the customer experience during this pandemic:

Use of business cards: Every business has them. And all they need is to add a QR code on them, which is a fast and straightforward way to boost your business level. You'll then create a barcode that directs scanners to your online data. And this can be a small business Facebook Page or your website. New contacts can quickly find you and a lot of information about your business without physically interacting with you. 

Contactless restaurant menus: Establish an online form — like a burger order form — and a QR code that displays your entire menu. Then, put a campaign sign outside the restaurant and other relevant marketing assets to encourage prospective customers to scan the QR code. They can view the menu conveniently from their mobile gadgets. By the time they enter the restaurant, they know what they want to order. Your business has already shown a good sign by implementing this safety measure, which is a good assessment. And now they only need to determine if they like what’s in your menu. 

On marketing materials: You name it, from fliers, small handouts, brochures, programs, whitepapers and a myriad of other marketing materials you can have in your media kit. All you need is to add a QR code that will direct viewers to a call-to-action such as a how-to video, a request for Twitter following, referring them to a mobile-friendly landing page, promoting a new campaign, or even sending them to a Support a Cause.

For giveaways: Customers love gifts, and this can draw their attention when you incorporate this into your QR codes. And this can be fun; let's say you place a QR code decal in your storefront window, your customers who can spot and scan will get a10% off their purchase, a free pastry, or whatever you deem fit. Small rewards are good to thank your client's patronage. It's as simple as creating a custom QR code for any freebie you want to offer.

Use QR Codes on windows: You must be excited to establish a new business, and now, you're about to launch your app. That's great, but embedding the QR Code posters on your display windows and storefront flyers can be splendid. By doing this, you'll be raising awareness of your brand and boosting app downloads.

Use QR Code embedded on billboards: Whether you've grown and expanded or you've newly opened an outlet, you must raise awareness. One of the best ways to help customers find you is by locating through QR codes to your store on Google map. Also, you can go further to boost your store footfall by placing such QR Code on the billboards. Consider the busy highways and densely populated areas.

QR Codes on receipts: Any business should embrace customer's feedback because they are the ones that tell your customer's experience and help you improve. And using QR codes can help you gain valuable customer response by linking them to customer feedback forms. A straightforward way for this is to deploy these QR codes on product labels and customer's purchase invoice receipts.

Text messaging and Building Email Database: Another effective way QR codes can reinforce small businesses is through text marketing strategies. For example, with JoyQR, we can set up QR codes in store or digitally so that you can share them your contact details or enable Signups so that the consumer can be entered in the mobile program while also building the customer database. It's a proven strategy with a 98% open rate. (a recipient reads most of the texts sent). They can have an unlimited character and results in high conversion rates. And this is similar to how consumers' emails help the restaurant or retailers stay in touch with the consumer. They will never miss an update, promos or special offers.

Call to order: Anyone with a small business should take advantage of the "Call to Order" QR code. These are said to have a high conversion rate. Although it depends on your business, there are several ways to implement this. We'll use a few examples and opportunities you can use to do this:

  • Embed the QR code to your flyers and posters. Then go around the town promoting your restaurant's special with a QR code. Interested customers will quickly call and order through QR codes. 
  • On average, most people spend 144 minutes daily on social media. So, you can also use digital promotions on such platforms where consumers can hover over and call.
  • Both the consumer and the retailer can transact with a restaurant without any contact of cash, check or receipts.

Enhance Sales: Not only do QR codes eliminate the direct contact of cash, but it also helps to facilitate sales and payment processes. For example, suppose you've included add-on features on your products and want to include a payment processing option; you can create a QR code in its associated documentation linking to your online payment portals. The consumers can use the PayPal app or others to scan a merchant's QR code. They can enter the amount due and then send it to close the transaction.

Get Started Using QR Codes

Any small business can create a functional QR Code effortlessly. It's not even necessary to have a large wheat field; neither do you need any complex efforts. But with the help of JoyQR, the only thing you'll need is to make a few good choices, and execute them. It's not about just adding a link to your site, but more to do with creating a unique and compelling experience that will win customers who'll keep coming back for more.

So, if you have a small business, sign up here and start to expedite your business. 

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