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Did you know the reclaimed QR codes so far globally, expected to grow from 1.3 billion to 5.3 billion by 2022? That’s why the social media giants like content creators and influencers are finding these platforms a pizzazz. Without a doubt, the touch-free craze has taken the world like a whirlwind. And that’s how the QR codes come in. It’s only logical that any social media user wants to access fast, relevant messages, and the QR codes do just that. And these you can mostly find in the mobile apps, discount coupons, restaurant menus, print receipts, etc. So next time you go out, be on this lookout. You’ll also realize that these have seized the digital world.

These small symmetrical codes may seem insignificant to many, but they are pretty impactful. In essence, companies use these to direct you where you should go, urging you to take some action that will help you and the company. It could be as simple as taking a survey.

QR codes can be discernible, but their impact is gradually changing social media marketing. Influencers and marketers make a high cut from it, as they integrate creativity with digital smarts. There are plenty of engaging activities that you’ll find online that you can take advantage of. Let’s look at how influencers or creators can use JoyQR to drive their content and their businesses.

1. Personalize your Profile:

Setting your brand to be unique is one of your critical mission. You want to grow an audience while showcasing your brand. And with JoyQR, you can acquire all your customization tools to be a game-changer to your business.

Set a Custom Image – the first step is to have a header pic. And this can be a winner.

Select a Theme – the next step is to pick a theme from a wide range of selections. Alternatively, you can customize one of your own – either download a background image or create your brand palette using buttons, fonts, backgrounds, and shading.

Customize QR Code – you’ll find a range of QR code module settings, eye settings, eye colors, and add QR code title & backgrounds.

2. Increase Engagement:

It would be best to learn some of the tactics that can help increase your social media engagement. For example, most influencers place share and like buttons everywhere. Their content is essential, but it works. And you know how JoyQR comes in? Using it, you can ensure your users get where you want them to be and eventually take action. And this is likely to improve your engagement.

If you’re using Facebook, you’ll aim to drive up the number of likes on your FB content. So, you create a QR code linked to an operational ‘like’ button on your Facebook page. And this simplifies the process of clicking for the readers. Rather than the hustle of finding your page and hit the like button, they can quickly scan the QR code. It directly takes them to where they want to be. Time is money, which accelerates the entire process, and it’s a time saver.

Besides Facebook, you can also apply the same process by adding an appropriate QR code on your storefronts, printed materials, even in email messages. And you can realize a more significant way of generating higher engagement. What a simple effort yet effective way of driving traffic to your social media. And this will make your audience engage with your content.

3. Run Multiple Campaigns at a time:

Since most people have different content objectives at a particular time, how do you boost your sponsored content? You managed to get your affiliate products and BAU organic content this far, then what next? Now comes the JoyQR, which will showcase your wide range of content. At the same time, you and your partners will be happy as your revenue starts to flow gradually. And even after your campaign is over, you’ll still have the extended tail opportunities and space for it in your archives.

Tools that will work best for you:

  • Link Scheduling – you can set your links to go live at a particular time, in line with your campaigns or product launches.
  • Priority Links – this means you can animate a single link that can call for attention to your latest piece of featured content.
  • Leap Links – designed for particular launches or any other collaborations. And to set a JoyQR bypass, you can do so for a limited timeline. And you don’t even have to edit your bio links.
  • Video Links – you can directly insert your youtube video content into your JoyQR.
  • Audio Links- you can also insert your Spotify audio content into your JoyQR.

4. Connect More People from different social media channels:

If you love a portal that can connect more people from different social media platforms, JoyQR is what you need. As soon as users scan your QR code, they can automatically find the social media platforms they connect with and add you. And this eliminates the time they would spend searching for you if you’re on different social media sites. Instead, you get there directly and start interacting as you stay in tune.

5. Gives Competitive Edge:

As JoyQR codes are dynamic, users can track the current data and stay ahead of others. It can track how many scans have happened, the type of device used in this action, and where they’re doing it from, and the date of those scans happening in real-time. And this is what will give you an edge over your competitors.

  • Location data – knowing where your audience is coming from helps you to strategize purposely. There might be a country driving more traffic than you didn’t know.
  • Referral data – it tells which sites are sending traffic your way. That’s by using the referral data, which also enables you to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • Device’s data- you get to know the types of devices your visitors are using—also, judge based on average time to clicks.
  • CSV Downloads- By a simple download, you can delve into the raw data as you chart your JoyQR stats. You’ll get a date range and go.

In Conclusion, using JoyQR is one foolproof way of enhancing your brand awareness and raise your social media engagement-as you can see the myriads of benefits featured here. And to add some spice, you’ll always stay a step ahead of others who haven’t grasped the marvelous deeds that QR codes can perform.

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