How to Create an Eye-Catching QR Code & Share It? Company: JoyQR




The era of black and white QR Codes has come to an end.

QR codes are now completely customizable, and can be constructed in a variety of ways without compromising their scannability.

QR codes are one of the most important strategies for efficiently integrating mobile marketing into existing media channels in order to reach out to the most appropriate consumer categories.

Categories such as restaurants, influencers, small businesses and more have all benefited from their new profound adaptability, as they are able to completely customize them to adhere to their brand.

In other words, the possibilities are endless with QR codes.

In only a few simple steps, you can now build branded and creative QR Codes that match your business’ image and share it with your audience. Let’s explore how!

Getting Started with JoyQR

With your JoyQR account, you will get to choose and customize your own QR code with a perfect QR builder suiting your business needs.

Start by creating your account, and going to the QR Code Tab located at the top of your browser.

After you click on the ‘QR Code’ icon on the top of your dashboard, you may start to choose from Module Settings and Eye Settings you want for your QR Code.

Please note that if you are on the Free Version of JoyQR, you will not be able to access the full customization possibilities that your QR Code offers.

Customizing Your QR Code with JoyQR

Now that you have set up your QR code, you are able to venture through the unlimited customization possibilities that JoyQR offers.

While in the Module Settings, you are able to adjust both the physical presentation of your QR code and have it be a color of your choice.

When it comes to colors, the sky is not the limit! You are able to choose any color for your QR code with our gradient toggle and are able to change the color of the Eye of QR Code to make it more appealing to your users.

Once you have the desired physical appearance and color of your choice, you are able to get even more creative by adding a logo to the center of your QR code!

After you have customized your QR code to best represent you and your brand, you are ready to share it with the world!

Sharing Your QR Code with JoyQR

After you have successfully generated your QR code, you are ready to download your customized QR code and share it with your audience.

From your browser, click on the Top Right icon ‘Preview & Download’ and download your QR code either in a PNG, SVG or PDF format.

QR codes can be found on physical surfaces such as product tags, business cards, and printed promotional materials, but they can also be found on the profiles of other web apps such as Twitch and Instagram.

A camera is used to scan the codes, which then connect the user to the platform that you are looking to share.

Maybe you are a video game streamer who wants to showcase your Twitch profile. Maybe you are a retail store looking to display your products. Maybe you are a restaurant that wants to showcase your menu beyond having to be in the physical building to view it.

No matter who you are, JoyQR is able to help you connect your QR code to your brand.

Next Steps

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